Diploma in Islamic Studies

in English

The Faculty of Islamic Studies invites prospective candidates to enroll in the Diploma in Islamic Studies, a three months long program which has been running successfully for the past sixteen years. The program is aimed at students and professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Islam as a religion, culture and civilization with a particular view to the Bosnian social and cultural context. Taught by highly qualified lecturers, the program consists of seven modules, totaling 72 contact hours. Modules are grouped into two unites, Introduction to Islam and Islam in Bosnia-Herzegovina, covering the following themes: A Survey of Islamic History, Islamic Texts, Islamic Doctrine, Islamic Law and Ethics, Islamic Culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Islamic Institutions and Thought in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The program also includes site visits to Islamic institutions in Sarajevo.

The program runs six classes per week, twice a week in the evening (18:00 – 20:35). For more details see the Diploma in Islamic Studies Prospectus 2018.

Tuition fees for the English program are 1,100.00 KM. The price includes reading material in electronic form.

For more information please contact dr. Asim Zubčević, program director ( or by calling: + 387 33 251 024 (office); 061 347 179; 232

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