Center for Qur’an and Sunnah

Love towards the Qur’an and sunnah, is deeply embedded in the identity of the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This love is testified by numerous educational institutions that have been present in this region for centuries, particularly those that were specialized in teaching Tajweed[1] and Qira’at[2] (Daru’l-Qur’an) and the tradition of the final Prophet of God, p.b.u.h., (Daru’l-hadis). This love is confirmed by a great number of scholars, skilful Qur’an reciters and guardians (huffaz) of the Qur’an, as well as numerous scientific works in these fields, written or copied by hand by our scholars.

Based on the long-standing tradition of studying the Qur’an and sunnah in our homeland, and within the framework of the planning and realization of projects in the field of the development and popularization of traditional Islamic sciences/disciplines, the Faculty of Islamic Studies founded the Center for the Qur’an and Sunnah in March 2016. The Center was launched at the initiative of the Chair of Qira’at and the Chair of Hadith[3].  

Mission and objectives of the Center

The mission of the Center is to strengthen the professional capacities of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo, to educate the Muslims of Bosnia and Herzegovina about the importance of studying the Qur’an and sunnah, to popularize the study of traditional Islamic sciences/disciplines and to strengthen the religious identity of Bosniaks through various educational activities.

By building a new facility in the “Halačević Vakuf” area, the goal is, in the first place, to provide the students of the Faculty of Islamic Studies with adequate space and conditions for learning the Qur’an by heart. Also, the goal is to develop and improve the skills of reciting the Qur’an among all students, to popularize the study of Qira’at, to revive the institution of ijazah (awarding the certificate/licence on completion), to actively work on personal development/improvement of the imams, religious teachers (muallim), Muslim preachers and Dawah[1] practitioners and to publish professional papers and literary works in order to enrich the written heritage in Bosnian  in the fields of tajweed, qira’at and sunnah of the Prophet of Allah, p.b.u.h.

Facility of the Center

The Center’s facility will be located on the waqf plot “Halačević vakuf” at the adress: Telali br. 3. The facility will be built in an area of c 600 square meters and is designed as an accommodation / residential facility with 12 apartments for the students of hifz[1]. There will be two multimedia halls/auditoriums with accompanying facilities (kitchenette and toilets).

All construction assumptions were made at the beginning of 2018, by obtaining a valid building permit from the Federal Ministry of the Environment of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was necessary because the plot belongs to so-called ‘zero’ construction zone.


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