Steering Committee

The Faculty Steering Committee is the highest governing body of the Faculty.
The Steering Committee consists of five members, two of which represent the teaching staff and three members are delegated by the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The chairman and members of the Steering Committee are appointed by the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The Representatives of the teaching and other staff in the Steering Committee are elected by the members of the Educational and Scientific Council of the Faculty.
The representatives of the Islamic Community are delegated by the Islamic Community itself from among its members and prominent Muslim public workers.
The term of the Steering Committee members is four years.
There is a chairman at the head of the Steering Committee.
The Secretary of the Faculty is responsible for preparing Steering Committee meetings and meeting materials.
Steering Committee:

  • Adopts the Faculty Development Plan and Program and monitors its implementation;
    • adopts the Rules of the Faculty and other normative acts;
    • proposes the financial budget of the Islamic Community’s revenues and expenditures for adoption;
    • confirms the results of the election of Dean and Vice Deans after obtaining the consent of the Islamic Community, and releases them under a similar procedure;
    • determines the number of full-time and part-time students who could be enrolled every academic year.

All work done by the Steering Committee is performed in meetings and the decisions can only be taken if at least two-thirds of the members are present (quorum), but decisions are made in a voting process by a majority of the fixed membership (all members of the Steering Committee).

Dr. Enes Ljevaković, chairman
Dr. Mensur Malkić, member
Mensur Karadža, member
Dr. Asim Zubčević, member
Dr. Amira Trnka-Uzunović, member

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