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In its primary mission to offer high quality religious education for the future staff, meeting the needs of the Islamic communities in the Balkans, the Faculty of Islamic Theology, today the Faculty of Islamic Studies of the University of Sarajevo is a scientific research institution. A valid argument for this claim was made by Husein Đozo, one of the founders of the Faculty in the thematic issue of the Islamic Community journal Glasnik dedicated to the founding and opening of the Faculty of Islamic Theology, where he wrote:
“The foundation of the Faculty came as a synthesis of the historical efforts of Muslims in this region to produce highly educated religious staff according to our needs and conditions. (…) The task of the Faculty is twofold: 1) Scientific – developing a new contemporary interpretation of Islamic thought and 2) Pedagogical: education and training of highly qualified religious professionals/servants. (…) In the first instance, this interpretation includes a strictly scientific approach to the study of the basic concepts and principles of Islam. We believe that Islamic thought at this Faculty has to be studied within the frame of its original concepts and principles. As has been the case in the past, unfortunately, even today at many Islamic universities, Islam has mainly been, and still is taught and studied not as a thought, concept, and principle, but as a certain practice and application that has in many ways become obsolete and outdated. Nevertheless, a new notion of Islam being developed by the Faculty will by no means try to adjust the teachings of Islam to modern systems and theories.”
The very founding and opening of the Faculty was the result of many years of planning and systematic activities as well an examination before the final Decision by the Supreme Islamic Eldership of the Islamic Community in the SFRY and the Assembly of the Islamic Community. This is when the millennial Bosniak dream of a higher institution for Islamic education and scientific research realized.
Today, the Faculty of Islamic Studies is one of the four faculties operating within the Islamic Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and is, together with the Faculty of Catholic Theology, one of the two higher education institutions of theology within the academic community of the University of Sarajevo, which consists of a total of twenty-two faculties, three academies and five institutes. Through its recent work and its impact on various fields of educational, scientific, research and overall social activities the Faculty has been recognized not only in the Balkans, but also throughout Europe.
Students and researchers at three levels – undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies (three-cycle system) have access to modern classrooms, a reading room and a library with over 25,000 bibliographical units.

Research and original scholarly works and books by teachers and professors from the Faculty of Islamic Studies have been published worldwide by renowned publishers, as well as in scientific journals for Islamic Studies, in religious textbooks, as well as in journals covering social, religious, cultural and civilizational themes. Our professors have published their works in Arabic, English, German, French, Spanish, Albanian, Persian, Turkish, Slovenian and their work has been recognized and valued not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but in many different parts of the world as well. Professors of the Faculty of Islamic Studies have made a significant contribution to the modern interpretation of Islamic thought in our country, and also abroad.

The established scientific and research partnerships with numerous universities around the world is a proof of the prestige the Faculty of Islamic Studies has today, as well as is its importance concerning the questions of social, religious and cultural phenomena in this region. Through four decades of its work, the Faculty has remained the true fruit of Bosnian and European experience in the study of Islam in harmony with the wish of its founders.

Doc. dr. Zehra Alispahić
The Chair of the Philology of the Qur’an
Vice dean for scientific research – Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo

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