Third Cycle or Doctoral Degree Programme

Council for Doctoral Education 

Council members:

Prof. dr. Adnan Silajdžić (Council Chairman)
Prof. dr. Rešid Hafizović
Prof. dr Enes Karić
Prof. dr. Džemal Latić
Prof. dr. Zuhdija Hasanović
Prof. dr. Mustafa Hasani
Prof. dr. Ahmet Alibašić


Prof. dr. Samir Beglerović (Council Secretary)
Contact phone number / fax: +387 33 251 029

The Council for Doctoral Education holds meetings organized on the basis of the material collected for consideration.

Doctoral Programme / Education 

The Council for Doctoral Education was established and started working in the academic year 2015/2016. Doctoral studies are conducted in the following Islamic scientific disciplines: aka’id, tafsir, hadith, fiqh, Islamic philosophy, Islamic culture and civilization, and religious pedagogy. The doctoral study lasts three years or six semesters, and consists of 180 ECTS.

The first two semesters are broad in scope, while in the third semester PhD students choose a scientific field in which they intend to do their doctoral thesis. In the first and second semesters, PhD students attend lectures in the common compulsory subjects and do the exams. The third and fourth semesters are planned for an additional three elective subjects, exams, and publishing four scientific papers, i.e. two papers and participating in two scientific conferences.

In the fourth semester, PhD candidates are to defend their PhD thesis proposal and get their thesis topic accepted.

Elective courses are selected by the candidate in agreement with their mentor, who has been assigned to the candidate during the third semester of the doctoral study, after the PhD candidate made his/her proposal.

Upon successful completion of the doctoral study, the PhD candidate acquires the title of a ‘Doctor of Islamic Studies’ or a PhD in Islamic Studies, with a reference to the scientific field in which the doctoral thesis has been done.

The Council for Doctoral Education is responsible for the teaching process, which it reports to the Faculty Council about.



Prijavne forme

  • Obrazac molbe studenata trećega semestra za odabir oblasti i mentora
    Obrazac molbe za odabir oblasti i mentora (LINK)
  • Prijavni materijal Vijeću doktorskog studija
    Sinopsis predlozene doktorske disertacije (LINK)
    Obrazac životopisa kandidata koji prijavljuju sinopsis za odbranu (LINK)
    Molba za pokretanje procedure odbrane Sinopsisa doktorskog rada (LINK)
  • Materijali za nastavnike i mentore
    Obrazac Godišnjega rasporeda studenta 13. i 14. semestra (LINK)
    Obrazac Izvještaja o održanoj nastavi (LINK)
    Obrazac Izvještaja Komisije sa odbrane sinopsisa (LINK)
    Obavijest o završetku doktorskog rada (U FAZI IZRADE!)
  • Posebni dokumenti
    Propozicije konačne verzije doktorskoga rada (U FAZI IZRADE!)
    Obrazac prve dvije stranice doktorskoga rada (U FAZI IZRADE!)


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