About the Faculty

The Faculty of Islamic Studies of the University of Sarajevo (FIN UNSA) is the main successor to the earliest Islamic educational institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina founded during the Ottoman Empire (1463 – 1878), when a significant part of the local population converted to Islam. Islamic institutions of higher education also originated in the period of Austro-Hungarian rule, the School of Shari’a Law or Mekteb-i nuvvab (1887), and the Higher School of Islamic Shari’a Law and Theology (1937). Along with the affirmation of the Bosnian Muslims’ national identity during the sixties and seventies of the 20th century, there was suddenly more space for the institution to operate more freely. Hence, on the 16th of Shawwal in 1397 (September 29, 1977), as a result of planning and systematic activities, and by the decision of the Supreme Islamic Board in the SFRY and the Council of the Islamic Community, the Faculty of Islamic Theology was founded. The first graduates of the Faculty brought a new flavor to the Islamic experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and beyond.
Today, the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo is the most prestigious Islamic institution of higher education in Europe. Since 2013, the Faculty of Islamic Studies is a full member of the University of Sarajevo.
The architecture of the building and the overall ambience in which the Faculty resides, together with the current study programs, demonstrate the established harmony between traditional and contemporary Islamic studies, and between Eastern and Western cultural values. The study programs are conducted in optimal conditions by the teaching staff who gained their knowledge in renowned Bosnian and international universities.


Through its three levels of study, the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo endeavors to foster complete personalities, improving their spiritual, moral, intellectual and professional qualities, which will be specifically realized in the fields of Islamic Theology, Islamic Religion and Religious Education.

At the collective level, the Mission of the Faculty is to contribute to the development of society by constantly advancing education, learning and research towards the highest levels of scientifically established excellence. This is especially visible in our authentic study of Islam through the perspective of contemporary impartial and scientifically objective thinking and science. We are striving to achieve these objectives through introducing students to the basic sources of Islam, the Qur’an and the Sunnah, as well as to their historical realizations through Islamic thought and practice, especially with respect to the religious and cultural features of the Balkans.
With its historical background expressed in the architectural solution of its building, the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo represents a symbol of the encounter and mutual intertwining of cultures of the European and Islamic worlds. Hence, at this Faculty we strive to study the civilisational and cultural heritage not only of Islam, but also of the West. We recognize that knowledge in the Humanities and Social Sciences is a vital part of the mission of humanism, which promotes better understanding among peoples, religions and cultures.


Inspired by Islamic imperatives to promote knowledge and continue a centuries-long tradition of higher Islamic education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Sarajevo strives, through the integration of traditional and contemporary Islamic disciplines, to strengthen its leading position within the European academic space.

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