General Information about study at the Faculty


The Winter Semester

Starts: 1 October

Duration: 13 weeks

Classes end: mid-January

Exam period: mid-January to mid-February

Dates usually vary and must be checked with host institution!

The Summer Semester

Starts: end of February

Duration: 13 weeks

Classes end: mid-June

Exam period: mid-June to mid-July

Dates usually vary and it is needed to check the announcements.


UNSA is closed for public holidays on the following dates:

New Year: 1-2 January

BiH’s Independence Day: 1 March

Labour day: 1-2 May

BiH Statehood day: 25 November


­The UNSA grading system is set by the Sarajevo Canton Law on Higher Education and follows evaluation standards as given below. If your home institution stipulates that all your work be evaluated according to a different scale, this should be coordinated and cleared with the academic coordinator and/or instructors. After completing your study period at the University of Sarajevo, you will receive a transcript of your academic record, expressed in the following way:



10 (A)

Excellent (95-100 points)

Outstanding performance.

9 (B)

Very good (85-94 points)

Above the average standard with only minor errors.

8 (C)

Good (75-84 points)

Generally sound work with some minor errors.

7 (D)

Satisfactory (65-74 points)

Fair but with a number of notable errors.

6 (E)

Sufficient (55-64 points)

Fair but with significant shortcomings, meets the minimum requirements.

5 (F)

Fail (<55 points)

Does not meet the minimum requirements.


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