Arrival Procedure

Documents you have to bring with you

  • Birth certificate
  • No criminal record certificate
  • Copy of passport/ID
  • Transcript of records
  • Enrollment Certificate from home institution
  • 2 portrait-sized pictures (for your Index)

Pre-arrival checklist

  • If you take prescribed medication, take it with you and, if possible, get a short description from your doctor explaining what it is for.
  • Make sure to take all financial documents and information with you.
  • Make sure to take all documentation required for admission.
  • Send final information on your arrival to IO by e-mail, so that we can arrange somebody to assist you when you arrive to Sarajevo.

Steps you need to do when you arrive

    1.  Welcome day

         For more about Welcome activities follow:

    2.  Confirmation of Arrival

    3.  Enrollment/Admission

    4.  White Card

    5.  Residence permit

         For more information about Visa and Residence permit follow:


For detailed instructions about every step of Arrival procedure please follow: – Instructions start by Slide 12th

For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact:



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