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Diploma in Islamic studies

The Programme is organized every year and performed by highly qualified lecturers from the Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo. The Programme lasts three months in the period from January to April and includes eight modules with 72 hours of teaching. The modules are organized in two areas:

  1. General Introduction to Islam (A Brief Overview of the History of Islam; Introduction to Islamic Doctrine; Islamic Sacred Texts; Islamic Law and Ethics, Introduction to Islamic Philosophy).
  2. Islam in Bosnia and Herzegovina (History of Bosnian Muslim Culture; Islamic Institutions in BiH; Contemporary Islamic Approaches in BiH).

The Programme also includes a visit to Islamic institutions in Sarajevo. Prerequisite for attending the Diploma in Islamic Studies Programme are:

  1. University degree in any discipline.
  2. A four-year high school diploma and at least three years of work experience.

Fees: 1100 KM (550 €)

Contacts:, Mirzeta Brkić, MA, Coordinator, Vedad Hurić, MA, Coordinator, prof. Zehra Alispahić, PhD, Director of the Programme


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